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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and implement collaborative programing in five core areas, or "pillars". In collaboration with agencies, inter-disciplinary professionals, and a variety of stakeholders in the welfare of our youth, the Kandace Academy provides a nurturing program to socially vulnerable young women providing them with inspiration and guidance in their growth as healthy, capable, self-sufficient individuals.

We view a successful program as one that initiates a journey of self discovery, self-mastery and transformation by creating a network of mentors, teachers, healers, and peers all dedicated to the growth of each "kandace" or apprentice. Youth development is viewed as a process of education that provides exposure to diverse experiences, resources, training and nurturance to polish, inspire and initiate young women into their fullest potential, realizing their fullest capabilities, and successfully charting their unique life-missions. The Kandace Academy's central theme is "transition"-growth from youth to adulthood-for all young women. Target transition areas addressed by KA programming are: young women transitioning from child welfare [foster care] to independence, juvenile to adult health-care, and juvenile justice system to community re-entry.

The Kandace Academy’s mission is supported by Five Pillars.


k         Health and Nutrition-each apprentice will be guided through utilizing resources to assess current health. Any identified problems will be addressed through referral while an individual health plan will be designed teaching the apprentice how to monitor and safeguard their health and well-being. Preventative and health maintenance techniques will be taught, including nutrition, detoxification, cleansing and exercise. The state of being healthy is a key in laying the foundation of a strong individual.

k         Academic/Educational Enrichment-each apprentice’s unique gifts will be assessed and utilized to develop weak areas. Alternative methods of learning engaging all the senses, and challenging the apprentice’s ability to think, investigate, and create , as well as fostering  better understanding and applications of knowledge.

k         Obstacle Training/Communication-critical thought and analysis of obstacles will be fostered as apprentices are challenged to develop the ability to interpret image, understand how outside influences affect thought and feeling process, and resolve conflicts in a manner preserving dignity and serving the best interests of all parties involved. Apprentices will develop the understanding that their thoughts, words, and actions chart their destiny, and will be able to direct and ultimately master what they create through this active visualization.

k         Community Citizenship-each apprentice will explore and define her role in all of the communities she is a member of-family, neighborhood, faith, and livelihood communities. Self-actualization will be fostered by integrating the apprentice’s spiritual practice with belief in self, responsibility in community, setting and respecting boundaries, and developing ideas into action.

k         Right Livelihood-how will I make my living? Each apprentice will explore her dreams as a guide to developing an enriching, self-empowering, and successful way to earn a living by fulfilling her own mission, honoring her purpose, and utilizing her unique gifts and talents.

Becoming a Member

You can become a member of the Kandace Academy [KA] in several ways: become an initiate-apply as an individual or group, or be referred; become a donor-funding, in-kind contributions, and resources; or, become a partner-collaborate with KA to highlight your expertise or service for young initiates; All levels of membership are needed and desired to develop customized KA programming.

Sankofa-Go Back and Fetch it
Adinkra symbol of Learning from the Past

Owo Fro Adobe-Snake Climbing the Raffia palm
Adinkra symbol of Ingenuity, and Performance of an Extraordinary Feat

Nyansapow-Wisdom Knot
Adinkra symbol of Wisdom, Ingenuity, Intelligence and Patience

Bese Saka-Bunch of Cola Nuts
Adinkra symbol of Affluence, Power, Abundance, Togetherness, and Unity

Hwehwemudua-Searching or Measuring Rod
Adinkra symbol of Excellence, Perfection, Knowledge or Superior Quality

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