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"Kandace Kan" Campaign

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                                                               What kan a Kandace do?
                                       A Kandace kan prepare a healthy meal
                                    A Kandace kan confidently problem solve
                                       A Kandace kan overcome obstacles
                                       A Kandace kan use good judgment
                                    A Kandace kan communicate effectively
                                            A Kandace kan dream big
                                  A Kandace kan make those dreams a reality

           The Kandace Academy and you.......

  An ever-growin and ever more diverse population of young women are facing circumstances which leave them socially vulnerable. They are heavily impacted by the issues that plague our society.

The Kandace Academy [KA] offers an exciting program that produces bright and capable young women. KA specializes in stucturing experiences in which their social and emotional needs are addressed. New knowledge and new skills, mentoring and nurturing will help these young women find themselves and gain firm footing into adulthood.

     How can you help?

The Kandace Academy is a new program with big ambitions. We need seed money to build a foundation for our program that will enable us to offer programming and services to as many young women in need in the Washington, DC area as possible. We can with your help.....Together we will make a difference in their lives, giving the enrichment of knowledge, self-assessment, self-confidence, life skills, motivation and inspiration.

Both funding and volunteer opportunities exist. Your contribution will ensure that our work moves forward and helps our many young women in need. Together, we can change lives. We kan do it!

Make checks payable to:        The Kandace Academy, Inc. 

                                        1234 Washington Blvd Baltimore, MD  21230

Those interested in volunteering, should contact our Executive Director

          E. Ursula Young at



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